about US

Founded in 2013 by David 'Pony' Aponas and Owen Smith, Short Stack Productions has become one of Queensland's most sought after filmmaking teams. With a passion for creating beautiful images and telling compelling stories, they are always on the lookout for new projects to bring to life.

They are proud to offer a versatile filmmaking service, facilitating any scale of production. Get in touch and see how they can assist with your filmmaking needs.


David Aponas

AKA "Pony", because 'Dave' is too common.

He's the technical side of the Short Stack brain and cut his teeth on some of the biggest Hollywood productions to come to Queensland. Pony brings an extra dimension to his cinematography with his ability as a Steadicam operator.

He is always challenging himself and sees each project as an opportunity to learn and experiment with new techniques.


Owen has been making films since he was 12 years old. He has a love for cinema and is passionate about telling stories that are both meaningful and entertaining. Owen has written and directed multiple short films and is always looking to explore different themes and genres in his work.

When he's not developing new story ideas for film and TV, he is assisting in the camera department, or designing the lighting for a scene.